Monday, August 25, 2008

The Rest of the Story......

Well I am finally home from my 21 day road trip. I will take up where I left off on my last post and try to bring you to the end of my glorious trip.

Friday, August 8th:
My brother and I borrowed some quads and headed for Monument Ridge where we were going to finally lay my Dad to rest. My Dad wanted to be cremated and although that was a hard one for me we honored his wishes. My brother Richard decided on just the right place to spread his ashes but the only way to get there was on quads. It was a little rainy and Richard and I were a little concerned as we had waited for quite a long time to make this trek to Jackson. We drove as far as we could in the truck and then he unloaded the quads.Now...I am no sissy..not by a long shot...but these "roads" and I use that term very loosely...were rutted from rain and VERY primitive...I was a bit nervous but didn't want my brother to see it so I acted like this was just another day in the park for me! I kept up with him quite well and soon lost all concern when I started to look around and appreciate the shear beauty that was around me!After reaching the top of the bluff I began to weep at the magnificence of our Heavenly Father's creation. The pictures do NOT do it justice.
My brother took off on his quad for some quiet reflection and so I took my Father's ashes in my lap and sat and prayed. I asked my Father in Heaven to bless me with his spirit and asked him to please allow my father's spirit to be with my brother and I. I wanted to know that my Dad was happy with the spot we had chosen for him and that he was aware of our love for him.

Richard returned and we reverently release my Dad from his urn. We both wept as we watched his ashes catch the wind and spread on the mountain he love so much.
As we stood and reflected on our Dad a small bird flew in and landed in between us and our quads. He was not frighted of us in the least and did not flinch as we walked toward him to get to our transportation. He stuck right with us, following us as we prepared to head back down the mountain. We both new that this was not just some freak occurrence but recognized the Lord's hand in letting us know
that our Dad was with us and that he loves us. As I mounted my quad the bird was right at my foot. He just looked up at me when I started the motor without flinching. My Brother instructed me to just go ahead and start down the mountain...I did and didn't look back. When we arrived back at the place we had left the truck Richard told me that the bird followed me, flying just behind my head for a few yards before taking off.I am SO very grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who listens to us and answers our prayers.
This trip was one of the MOST spiritual, magnificent and glorious events, second only to attending the Temple, that I have ever experienced in my life.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Home, Home on the Range.....

After breakfast we cleaned up and started on our Thursday see my Great Grandfathers Home Stead....Yes those are the Tetons in the back ground!

Then off to the family cemetery.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Most Important Meal of the Day....

My brother brought his home made camping wok with him and he made us breakfast burritos in the park on Thursday morning! Yummmmmy!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jackson Hole or Bust.....

Mom, Chelsea, Tyler and I loaded up and left on Friday, Aug. first and headed for my home town of Jackson Hole Wyoming! After a few stops on the way....we have finally made it! Now if we can just get through the Family Heritage Celebration on Saturday we will be battin' a thousand!Idaho Falls Temple.
Thank you Julee for droppin' everything to attend with me!

Heading down Teton Pass into beautiful Jackson Hole Wyoming!
Don't forget to check back later for more pictures!

OHHHH I almost forgot, Doug this one's for you!!!

MMMmmmmm Raspberry Shake!