Monday, January 28, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner.....

Scott and I were invited to our very first Murder Mystery Dinner. Scott was Russian General Pushov and I was his wife Irma Pushova.
Thank you Scott & Sara
We had a BLAST!!!!

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging...

What will my angel be when he grows up?......

A Doctor?

A Lawyer?

A G. Q. Model??!!!

Commercial Message...

We interrupt this blog to bring you the following message....Valentines Day and Mother's Day are coming up!!!
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If your Sweetheart is allergic to Duct Tape Roses think about getting him/her a
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To Few and Far Between....

With my sister in North Carolina and my brother in Colorado we rarely are in the same place at the same time.

My sisters mother-in-law is suffering from cancer and will not be with us much longer. So this prompted a trip back home to spend some time with her. We took advantage of this visit and my sister and I attended the Temple together for the first time! What a special time that was! My brother, hearing the news that my sister was coming home, made the trip down from snowy Pagosa Springs Colorado. This all sent my mother into "MOM" mode...and resulted in a belated Thanksgiving Dinner to celebrate us all being in the same place at the same time! She was in heaven!

Gordon B. Hinckley....

My posting was interupted by news of our beloved Prophets passing.
Though we shed tears for our loss we rejoice in the knowledge that he is celebrating a glorious reunion with his lovely wife.
Rest in peace our esteemed Brother in the Gospel.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Better Woman than I....

Hats off to Cathy Cooley!!!

Here is a snippet of David's Birthday Party!!

Just this little bit exhausts me!! She did it for 2 hours!
Can you say WONDER WOMAN?!

Wedding Bells.....

On January 12, 2008 we were pleased to attend the Wedding of our niece Lindsey.What a beautiful Bride she was!
We wish her the very best!

Catch up......

Yeah I know, I have a LOT of catching up to do so here goes...

First: The picture that Kerrianne Burch took of us coming out of the Temple after being sealed is being featured on the June Primary Poster as put out by We are so honored for our picture to have been chosen out of so many!

Thank you Kerri, for your friendship and love!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Activity Days.....

I help out with the Activity Days program in our ward and I have to say.....
I LOVE IT!!!This week I am giving a lesson on our "Testimonies"

I will liken our Testimonies to flowers....just like these flowers our testimonies need to be nurtured in oder to grow. These flowers are actually more than they appear to be....they are pens that I have made to give to each of the girls. After they "pick" their flower we are going to write our testimonies in our
"Faith in God" Books.