Thursday, January 29, 2009

Calling all Primary teachers!!!!

I have been a member of this site for 2 years now and I HAVE to tell you how wonderful it is!

They have TONS of stuff to help you with your class, from clip art and printables to lesson supplements!! AND it's not just for Primary! They have helps for Young Womens, Relief Society, Seminary and MORE!

I actually LOVE this site so much I have been hired to do the some lesson supplements for Primary! Well if I can't be a primary teacher (I was released) I can still read the lessons and come up with some fun supplements for you!!

Please check it out. The membership is very reasonable.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daughter of a King....

Tonight was our much anticipated "Daughter of a King" Parent Orientation Night for Activity Days. The night was a success thanks to 3 of the best Leaders in the whole world! Thank you SO much Jennifer, Sara and April for your love and dedication to "our" girls!

Camping out...

It's amazing what you find when you clean your room!! After cleaning his room Connor happened upon his pup-tent and decided he was going to camp out in the living room. Complete with crickets chirping in the back ground (thanks to a cheap sound machine I received free in the mail sometime ago) he drifted off into a dream filled sleep.

Now we just need to work on actually staying IN the tent while we sleep!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Well all my beautiful readers I have a confession to goes:

My wonderful husband approached me the other night and said "I need you to set me up a blog." Well I was surprised to say the least. I did as he asked and thought...well this should be interesting! Now that I have had more time to think about it I realize how intimidated I am about this whole business about him entering the blogging world. You see, it is not to well known how insightful, witty,eloquent & a little quirky my husband is...and I'm not sure I want it to get out!

Oh well the cat has to be let out of the bag sometime! Please visit his blog here:

My Big Fat BlogBe careful about your may just egg him on! :)

I love you honey!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Groove had been off...

If you are a regular stalker of my blog you know that we have my oldest son living with us now. Well this change, although very welcomed, has messed with my groove!! We are all setteling into a new groove and may I say I am as happy as a:

'Chinese Zodiac - Year of the Pig or ...
thats a pig in mud just in case you didn't know ;)

Anywho...let me catch up a little:

We spent Thanksgiving in Mesquite with our cousins, some aunts and an uncle and a grandma.
We had a BLAST!!
A little basketball in the rain, played lots of fun games and even went rock climbing! Can't wait to do it again SOON!!

Ok already...

Well my sister, who I usually chastise to update her blog, called me today to tell me "uhhh don't ya think it's time to update yer blog?!!!" Soooo I will put something up to make her happy for now and promise that there will be more on the way!
#1 Son displaying the groovy gift he got from his Aunt!!