Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.....

You may be wondering why I haven't been bloggin' as of late. Well I will try to explain in pictures:




Trips with visitors


More carnavals

Trip to my brothers back yard in Colorado

And a litter of 4 little boy mini schnauzers!!

WHEW and that's just the half of it!!!


Annie Taylor said...

Those are really cute pups.Looks like you guys are staying busy. We miss you guys. Take care.

John said...

It's about time!! Sounds like a great summer.

Cynthia said...


While reading Celeste Goetz's blog I couldn't help but recognize the names of families from the Glassford Hills ward. I just had to peek and see what my old ward members are up too. I am having a wonderful time. I enjoyed your pictures of you and your family SO
much. Hats off to your husband and his weight loss. . . hard work and a job well done! Thanks for letting me visit! Cindy

Lisa said...

I hope come back and visit my blog!! I'm not sure which Cindy you could be...Adkins? Frickle?? Any way thanks for your comment!!!

Cynthia said...

Your welcome Lisa. That would be Frickle. . .I'm so impressed that you remembered!